1:00PM – It’s All About The Tease – Burlesque Zoom Class With BonBon Bombay

1:00PM – It’s All About The Tease – Burlesque Zoom Class With BonBon Bombay

1:00PM-2:30PM (EST) Zoom Class

Open to Burlesque, Boylesque Dancers, Enthusiasts Worldwide
Join us for a 15 Minute Post Class Q&A with BonBon and Puddin’

Note: If you are having trouble joining the meeting above, enter Meeting ID: 899 9979 8016 and join via Zoom App.

Join the 1st Annual BumpNGrind Film and Performance Fest for this Fun and Focused Burlesque Performance Class. (ps. Please Remember to Donate to the Tip Jar)

Your Instructor = BonBon Bombay

You never know what BonBon Bombay will bring to the stage but she is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Miss Bombay is always raising the bar of what Neo-Burlesque can and should be.  She was the Winner of the Montreal Burlesque Festival (2009), runner-up at The New York Burlesque Star Search (2011), flown to Paris to represent the top 10 cabaret acts of Montreal for La France À Un Incroyable Talent (2013), shortlisted twice for the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. And was invited to compete at iUmor in Bucharest, Romania in 2020.

Zoom Class Agenda May Include:

  • Intros / Who We Are – What We Do
  • Brief History of Burlesque – Neo Burlesque – Classic Burlesque
  • Who Burlesque Is For
  • How to Build a Burlesque Performance
  • Basic Steps Of Strip Tease
  • Breaking It Down
  • Basic Bump ’n’ Grind
  • History
  • Breaking It Down
  • Basic Steps
  • Music Choice
  • Costume Choice


As an added Bonus LIVE INSTRUCTION is included with Each Class with the delightful assistance of Burlesque/Boylesque Performer BRAD PUDDIN’ Canada’s Pilsbury Hol’Toy, a mouth watering recipe of debauchery, foolery, sex, character, and body baked to perfection!

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