3:00PM Telling The Story – Burlesque Dance Zoom Class With Kage Wolfe

3:00PM Telling The Story – Burlesque Dance Zoom Class With Kage Wolfe

3:00PM-4:00PM (EST) Zoom Class

Open to Burlesque and Boylesque Dancers, Enthusiasts Worldwide

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Join the 1st Annual BumpNGrind Film and Performance Fest for this Fun and Focused Dance Performance Class.
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Your Instructor = Kage Wolfe
Kage Wolfe is a Boylesque performer who’s a dancer, and the Artistic Director / Head Choreographer of The GentleMans Club, an all Boylesque troupe.

He is also the Director of the QPOC production brand Kreative Kulture.A Boylesque and Cabaret performer for 8 years and he has performed at festivals all over Canada and has headlined shows from Quebec to BC.

Zoom Class Agenda May Include:

  • Telling The Story / Your Story Through Dance
  • If You Dance In Your Room, You Can Dance
  • Breakdown and Teach Choreography
  • Dance Fundamentals
  • Always Connected To A Tease
  • Connectivity
  • Movement/Actions
  • Organic Movement
  • Character / Character Work
  • Expression
  • Musicality
  • Make Everything Feel Real
  • Where’s Your Core
  • Group Choreography


As an added Bonus LIVE INSTRUCTION is included with Each Class with the delightful assistance of Burlesque/Boylesque Performer BRAD PUDDIN’ Canada’s Pilsbury Hol’Toy, a mouth watering recipe of debauchery, foolery, sex, character, and body baked to perfection!

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