9:00PM Burlesque Performance from Toronto

9:00PM Burlesque Performance from Toronto

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Join the 1st Annual BumpNGrind Film and Performance Fest and Roxie Roz Burlesque for this Live, sticky and mouth watering Burlesque Performance!
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We’ve all had them – Blind Dates. A meeting for love, romance and *** arranged by well-meaning friends. A social engagement with a person one has not previously met. Well, let’s see how well this date turns out between BonBon Bombay and Brad Puddin’ – and exactly what or who is the pièce de résistance at this restaurant…?

Your Blind Date Performers

BonBon Bombay
BioThe whimsical entity BonBon Bombay is known for her theatrical antics, creatives storylines and strange characters. You never know what she will bring to the stage but she is guaranteed to leave you wanting more! Combining her many talents in ballet, contemporary dance, theatre, clowning, singing, multimedia, and circus sideshow, Miss Bombay is always raising the bar of what Neo-burlesque can and should be.

Brad Puddin’
Brad Puddin’ is Canada’s Pilsbury Hol’Toy, a mouth watering recipe of debauchery, foolery, sex, character, and body baked to perfection!A Sheridan Musical Theatre Performance Degree graduate, and international burlesque performer, Brad is baking decadence in their booty oven, and serving looks whenever they can.